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Fri, 18 Apr 2014

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Welcome to the new Gathering website! We look forward to updating you on upcoming international and regional Gatherings.

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IKAA proudly announces the IKAA Gathering in Seoul at the LOTTE Hotel Seoul in Myeongdong.

The Power of Networking: Crossing Borders and Bridging Cultures

The vision of the IKAA Gathering 2013 is for the leading global network of adult Korean adoptees to reach out to adult adoptees worldwide, and to provide comprehensive social, professional, and cultural networking opportunities to the international adoptee community, including interactions with Korean society.

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The IKAA Gathering 2013 will take place July 29 - August 4, 2012 in Seoul, Korea and promises to promote networking both amongst adult Korean adoptees from countries all over the world, and between adult Korean adoptees and Korean society. This is the largest conference of its kind, occurring only once every three years, with attendees from all across the United States, Europe, and Asia, and an overall expected attendance of at least 700 participants!

The workshops & sessions provide a time for participants to explore more specific topics related to adoption, the adoptee experience, or the theme of the Gathering. One of the most popular sessions is the age break-out session, where attendees are split into groups according to their age, so they have the opportunity to meet and talk about personal experiences with adoptees of a similar age, regardless of their adoptive country. Past workshops and session’s topics have included: birth family search, negotiating relationships with birth family members post-reunion, Korea from a historical perspective, developments in domestic Korean adoption, working and living in Korea, Korean adoptees and parenthood, exploring identity through art, and much more.


The theme of this year’s Gathering is The Power of Networking: Crossing Borders and Bridging Cultures so we are spending more time in planning activities that allow participants to explore Seoul and the many things Korea has to offer. Because of this, we have a limited number of spaces for workshops. At the bottom of the application, there is a place to indicate if you are OK with discussing collaboration with other workshops that may have similar themes. We want to create the fullest program possible while also being inclusive to the many adoptees who have expertise and experience to share.